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Talbott Farms is located in Palisade, Colorado which is west of Denver and just slightly east of Grand Junction. Our packing/processing facilities and retail market are located on Palisade's fruit and wine byway; a favorite among bicyclists and Sunday drivers.

Our mission, simply stated, is to “produce value from the land” and we strive every day to conduct our business in a wholesome and sustainable manner that allows us to deliver this value to customers across our nation.

Today our family continues to build upon a century long tradition of harvesting crops of exceptionally flavored fruits from our orchards and vineyards. As each harvest season approaches, consumers eagerly await the arrival of the renowned Palisade Peaches and the opportunity to rekindle that memory of sinking their teeth into a golden ripe peach leaving sweet juice running down their chins.
Colorado's Premier Fruit and
Wine Country